Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Highlights

Peace, one and all...
If World Cup fatigue has already set in, you won't find a cure here...! Joking aside, it's proving to be an amazing tournament, full of excitement, incident and great football. Al hamdu lillah.
It's England's turn today. England play Ecuador in their first knock-out match. Now we'll see what England have to offer, insha Allah. England's performance so far hasn't exctly set the world on fire, though they're undefeated. But, I'm hoping that England finally come out their shell. Insha Allah, they will. If they win, there's the prospect of a quarter final game against either Portugal or Holland. If England go through today (insha Allah), either team would be difficult; but I fancy England to take revenge on Portugal for Euro 2004.
I watched both matches yesterday. Germany destroyed Sweden, who seemed to lack belief and purpose. Argentina narrowly beat Mexico with an absolutely brilliant goal in extra time: amazing. I fancy Argentina to win the tournament after that win: they just seem to have that extra edge. Their match against Germany should be good.
Come on England!!!!!!
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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