Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Quarrel About Grapes...

Peace, one and all...
I wanted to post something from the wisdoms of Mevlana Jalaluddin. This passage comes from A. Harvey's Rumi anthology, Teachings of Rumi, published by Shambhala.
'A man gave a coin to four different people. One of them, a Persian, said, "I want to buy some anghur with that!" The second man was an Arab and he said, "I want `inab not anghur, you worthless fool!" The third was a Turk and he said, "This is my money and I don't want `inab. I want `uzum". The fourth, a Greek, shouted, "Shut up all of you! I want `israfil!"
In their madness, the four started to argue and hit each other because they didn't know the hidden meaning of names. They battered each other with their fists because they were empty of true knowledge and filled with ignorance.
If an authentic mystic master, proficient in many languages, had been there, they would have been pacified. He would have said, "I can give you everything you want with this one coin; if you give me your heart sincerely and without dissimulation, this one coin will accomplish all you want. Your one coin will become four; four enemies will become one heart. All you say only produces struggle and separation; what I tell you brings harmony. So be quiet now, so I can talk for you'
(Teachings of Rumi, edited & translated by Andrew Harvey, 1999, Shambala Publications)
Ma sha Allah! Wisdom indeed!
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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