Friday, June 09, 2006

Here on Earth...

Peace, one and all...
Here are some reflections. Not so much a poem, as some stray sentences.
I am an ingrate! Needing my Lord's favour, but doing little to earn it! Loving You with a selfish love, which demands little of me!.
Here on earth, in this small corner of God's vast kingdom, I can see His hand in all things, but still I stubbornly resist; my deeds ill become me.
Ya Allah! My betters have declared that You dwell in the hearts of Your believers: what an unworthy home my heart truly is!
The sun shines for both saint and sinner, scholar and fool, and yet my deeds fall short.
Allah Karim they say, but reckoning comes eventually, the ultimate leveller. O God of my heart! I beg Your pardon.
If even the 'Ornament of the Worshippers' can complain of his ugly misdeeds, what of my own soul and its unworthy desires?
You have scattered Your signs throughout Creation. I see them and acknowledge that they point towards You, yet how crippled my soul feels!
O God of my understanding! Grant me Your aid! Turn not from me, lest I stumble into darkness.
My Lord, life of my soul, delight of my heart! Turn to me and help me. Heal me.

O Lord! The veils I have drawn over my heart pain me deeply. O Merciful One! Draw me close to You.
And grant Your beloved Messenger the best of rewards, along with his noble family and companions, and all those who follow him in righteousness until that awful Hour comes.
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman
(in hope of His mercy)


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