Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Phew! Survived (though just about)!

Peace, one and all...

Phew! What a busy day! I'm knackered. It's been busy from the word go and I'm having my lunch now (4:30-ish). Had the first of the yearly timetable queries this morning. I hope this doesn't develop any further. I hate arguing about such things. It's funny though. People give their preferences and then say 'at a push, I can do X and Y'. The, when the 'push' comes it becomes problematic. Oh well, 'nowt as queer as folk', as northerners would probably say.

I'm thinking of expanding my blog. In particular, I think I might start a couple of new linked blogs on academic topics. That is, of course, assuming I ever get the time to put new things together.

Anyway, gotta dash, pray and go home (yipee)!

Ma'as salama,

Abdur Rahman


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