Monday, May 08, 2006

Losing the Will to Live!

Peace, one and all...

It's almost 8pm and once again, I'm still at work. I've been desperately trying to finish a web site review for my department and man, is it dull! It feels like I've been at it since dinosaurs roamed the earth!! Man, I'm not really seeing straight at the mo': so if my spelling's a bit off, then you'll know why.

I must confess that I do get rather annoyed when work drags on past 5 or 6pm. I mean, al hamdu lillah, I work hard enough as it is (considering it's an 80% contract) without having this extra stuff dumped on my desk. Ah well, I suppose I'd better stop moaning! Others have it a lot, lot worse after all.

I would, though, like sufficient time to get my teaching materials together (which I had planned to do this evening). Ya Rabb! Hadha al-Dunya!

Ma'as salama,

A Very Tired Abdur Rahman!


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