Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last Minute Larry!

Peace, one and all...
I've got a few minutes before I have to catch my train home. I have to say that I'll be glad to leave today; it's been busy. As I'm being a 'last-minute Larry' I thought I'd spend the time rambling...
As you can see from the last few posts, I've been reading Rumi's Mathnawi recently. I can feel a blog coming on (oh dear, make for the exits now)! In recent months I've increasingly felt that some big change is on the way. Since making my hijra to this part of Wales, I've gradually felt myself coming back to (spiritual) life. Lately, though my practice of Islam is still not what it should be, I increasingly feel as though I need to turn inward. That is, I feel as though I need to take care of my internal life. Or, that I'm being called to do so.
I've got a long way to go, of course. Inner and outer need to match each other. This is the work of a lifetime. I just feel that something is in the offing. Maybe not right away, but sometime in the near future. I can't quite put my finger on it yet, but it feels like it's going to be something important: a turning point in my spiritual life and relationship with Allah Ta'ala. I certainly hope so, insha Allah.
Anyway, that's all for now (I'm sure you'll be glad to hear).
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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