Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inappropriate Anger is a Sign of Sin

Peace, one and all...
In these crazy times, we all need a little peace. One need only look around to see just how rare peace is at present. And, as Galliano once sang, 'Peace is so much more than a state without a war, the Peace is a trust that we've never had before'... Iraq, Iran, America, genetic engineering, political scandal, adultery, escaped prisoners, and so on ... to the point of sickness! Subhan Allah, Ya Rabb! Peace of mind seems to be the main thing here: there's precious little balance - we're all off-kilter!
If you let it, thinking about such things can drive you to depression. However, whilst I was thinking about such things recently, I remembered something a Shaykh I once met said, 'Inappropriate anger is a sign of sin'. At first, his remark struck me as odd. After all, how can the two be connected? But, thinking about it, on some level we know when we're not living as we should. And... that failure to behave appropriately makes us angry at our own selves.
I've noticed this myself on a very personal level. When I've failed to live up to my ideals, it makes me angry. When anger is bottled up, it festers. Festering anger often leads to further acts of sin - further compounding the problem.
Anger also comes from fear. Sometimes, instead of expressing our vulnerabilty, we cover it up with anger: anger at the person apparently responsible and anger at ourselves for the fear we have felt. Occasionally, this leaves us feeling stupid and foolish: secret anger can then spring anew!
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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