Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Feeling the Need...

Peace, one and all...

May Allah bless you and guide you to the Truth.

I was reading Annemarie Schimmel's Mystical Dimensions of Islam on the train this morning. As I was reading through it, I became aware of my own need. I need to follow the path, I need to turn to Allah, I need to return home. This is what I've been feeling for quite some time now. It feels like something I can't quite express - a need, a longing. It's connected with feeling that I want/need to know more; it's also connected with a sense of frustration; I am not as I should be and yet, I want to be all that I can be. It's just beyond my reach at present, just beyond my ability to express in words. Tantalising, difficult, needed!

Hmmm...I'm not making much sense at the moment (what's new?). Ya Allah, help me to get beyond; help me to find You amidst the deceptions of this world.

Ma'as salama,

Abdur Rahman


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