Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Everyone is Dying...

Peace, one and all...
It's lunchtime here at work and so I thought I'd add another excerpt from the Mathnawi of Rumi. As with the previous passage, it's a profound reflection on life. So, here goes...
Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim...
'Everyone in the world, whether man or woman,
is dying and continually passing through the
agony of death.
Regard their words as the final injunctions
which a father gives his son. In this way
consideration and compassion may grow in your
and the root of hatred and jealousy may be cut
Look upon your kindsman with that intention,
that your heart may burn with pity for his death
Everything that is coming will come:
consider it to have already arrived;
consider your friend to be already
in the throes of death, losing his life.
If selfish motives prevent you from this insight,
cast them from your heart;
and if you cannot cast them out, don't stand
inertly in incapacity:
know that with everyone who feels incapable,
there is a goodly Incapacitator.
Incapacity is a chain laid upon you:
you must open your eye to behold the One who
lays the chain'
(Mathnawi VI.761-768)
Ma' sha' Allah! What a profound insight! It's not always easy to remember that 'there is a goodly Incapacitator'. What a beautiful way of putting it. I've got one final poem to post today. If I get time, I'll do it in a minute. If not, I'll do it later, insha Allah.
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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