Monday, April 24, 2006

Thinking about Children & God...

Peace, one and all...

It occurs to me that although I've mentioned that I have children, I've not really spoken about them. That's strange really, considering how important they are in my life. Well, let's correct that mistake now, insha Allah...

For those of you without children, it's really hard to describe watching your child as they fall asleep. A mixture of awe and wonder. After all, these are my flesh and my blood; they are my inheritance in the world. This reminds me of Kahlil Gibran's book The Prophet (a work I first read a long time ago). There's a short chapter in there about children. It's something like 'Your children are from you, but they are not of you...' I might be misquoting there. I think I'll dig the book out and see for myself. I might even include a few quotes from it.

In any case, having children is a profound experience. In a sense, it gives an insight into the way God works. I know just how far I would go for my children. If I, a faulty mortal man of limited insight and ability, can feel such love, then the Divine, who is eternally beyond all, must be able to love us. That is, if my children do something bad, they are still mine and I will not reject them. Whatever they do, they are still my beautiful children. How much more so for God!

I'm not saying that God is my father. Exalted is He above such things. But God, who is al-Wadud (the Loving), is my Creator; He created me from nothing, gave me soul, mind, spirit and body and a world in which to use them. He gave me life and ability; intellect and emotion; birth and death. Does He not love me then? How strange, given these insights, it is that I should sin; how strange that I should reject His love!

If I cannot think of paradise without my children (may Allah join us all together in paradise); If I need them and cannot be without them - how much more must Allah yearn for us?

More questions without answers...

Ma'as salama,

Abdur Rahman


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