Friday, April 21, 2006

Sciences: the Priorities

Peace, one and all...

I thought I'd post a chapter from Imam al-Haddad's Knowledge and Wisdom. In Arabic, the title is: al-Fusul al-`Ilmiyya wa al-Usul al-Hikamiyya. As you may have noticed, assuming of course you've swung by the Corner before, I've often quoted from this book. So, rather than give you reams of my own inane drivel, I thought I'd just post a short chapter from the Shaykh himself. This chapter is entitled 'Sciences: the Priorities' and relates, it seems to intention and priority...

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim wa al-salatu wa al-salaamu `ala al-nabi...
(In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet)

'If you wish to know which sciences and acts are the most important and beneficial for you, imagine that you are to die the next day and return to God to stand before Him and be asked to account for your knowledge, behaviour, and all your affairs and states, subsequently to be taken either to the Garden or the Fire. What you see there as most important and useful to you is precisely what you must now give priority and attachment to; whereas what you find useless, unimportant, frivolous, or simply of no great necessity is what you must neither pursue nor occupy yourself with in this life. Meditate on this matter and reflect well; it is of tremendous benefit to those who have discernment and are concerned about their appointed time, their return to God, their salvation, and their success in the Hereafter, which is better and more enduring (Quran 87:17). Success is in the Hand of God, to whom belong all graces, for He bestows them on whomever He wills; and God's graces are immense!'
(Translated by Mostafa Badawi, published by the Starlatch Press, 2001).

Wisdom Indeed!

Ma'as salama,

Abdur Rahman


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