Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ruminating on Rumi...

Peace, one and all...
May God's Mercy enfold us all...
Those of you who are regulare visitors to the Corner (assuming of course that there are any) will be aware of my recent promise (or threat) to ruminate on Rumi (I still can't get enough of that phrase). I was recently bought a copy of some of Mavlana Rumi's poetry and have started reading it. Subhan Allah, Rumi's deep and even in translation, his poems are striking.
Insha Allah Ta'ala (God, the Most High, Willing), I'll post a favourite ghazal every couple of days. However, to start with I thought I'd start with 3...
'O tongue, you are an endless treasure,
O tongue, you are also an endless disease'
Mathnawi I, 702
How true! How many times have I felt uplifted by a kind word and how many times have I brought my deeds to nothing through words. 'Loose lips, sink ships' as the WWII saying goes.
'Fiery lust is not diminshed by indulging it,
but inevitably by leaving it ungratified.
As long as you are laying logs on the fire, the fire will burn.
When you withhold the wood, the fire dies,
and God carries the water'.
Mathnawi I, 3703-3707
I particularly like the last line of this couplet: 'And God carries the water'. What a beautiful way of expressing it. The Shaykh is right: lust is fiery and it does burn.
'Refresh you faith, but not with talking.
You have secretly refreshed your desires.
As long as desires are fresh, faith is not.
for it is these desires that lock the gate'.
Mathnawi I, 1078-1079
This couplet relates to the last post; talking about strengthening your faith and certitude keep from actually strengthening them! Again, why talk if you're busy at work? And, if you are talking (or writing in this case), then what does that say about your work?
Wa akhiru da'wana an il hamdu lillah rabbil alameen.
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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