Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Never feel bad about an act of charity

Peace, one and all...

A person I know recently asked me my opinion about an act of charity of theirs. They had given some food to a neighbour who they had little, so that they might feed their children. Ma sha Allah, a worthy act of charity, for which God will grant a goodly reward, insha Allah. Whilst this seems (and indeed is) unobjectionable, even praiseworthy, society at large often sees such acts as (at best) simpleminded foolishness. In this materialistic world, selfless giving is defintely not in fashion!

However, what's wrong with charity, if given in an understanding, emphathetic fashion? Why is wrong to help? As Bob Marley once sang, 'a hungry man is a hungry man'. Lightening someone's load, for the sake of God, is a worthy and noble deed. As such, we should never feel bad about an act of selfless charity. It is a mean-spirited person indeed who would refuse to feed a hungry woman and child. So, never feel bad about giving charity.

I'd like to close this brief post with a Tradition of our noble Prophet (), which is particularly appropriate in this regard:

'He is not a believer who goes to bed full whilst his neighbour is hungry'

Ma'as salama

Abdur Rahman


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