Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life and Stuff...

Salaams One and All,

It's funny how at certain times, you feel you've got all the time in the world and then at others, none at all! I think I'm in a busy phase at the moment.

Coming to the end of my first undergraduate teaching assignment. It's been fun and I've enjoyed it immensely. I hope to do more of it, insha Allah. I've also been thinking more about my intended research - still got to write a proposal though. Early Islamic Messianism: the Life, Thought and Significance of Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyya is the working title at present, but it could well change. I was reading Y. Friedmann's Prophecy Continuous: Aspects of Ahmadi Religious Thought and Its Medieval Background recently and was intrigued by the idea that claimants to prophethood need to be studied further. Oh well, more food for thought I suppose.

The road to Allah turns ever rockier...of late, trying to fit everything in has proven difficult, but I keep trying. I know the emphasis in Islam is on small deeds done consistently, but how small is small? Oh well, Qadar Allah wa ma sha' fa`ala.

Had an interesting discussion recently with a Christian and a Buddhist regarding the nature of evil. I must say that the Christian perspective (in this case Baptist) seemed remarkably close to the Islamic one and so we understood one another at once. The Buddhist perspective is interesting, but I'm not sure it worked for me. Apparently, deeds are judged by thier intention (which is fine of course) and are seen as 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate' depending upon that intention. As I said at the time, how does one judge intention? Also, upon subsequent reflection, doesn't true understanding of your interior self require a great deal of honesty? Doubtless my Buddhist friend has such honesty, but what about Buddhists generally? Surely your own belief in an action's 'appropriateness' could be mistaken - doesn't there have to be some form of standard? Oh well, I could be getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. It was a really interesting discussion though, al hamdu lillah.

On a personal note, the past week has seen me make contact with some old friends (hi, if you're passing this way). This was nice for sure. Some people who I've not seen for a long time have got back in touch.

Well, that's about all for now...

Ma'as salama,

Abdur Rahman


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