Monday, November 14, 2005


As salaamu alaikum one and all...
Your favourtie neighbourhood weblogger is back in town! Well, okay, if not your (or anyone's) favourite then I'm just back!!!
Well...Ramadan is over once again. God willing, I'll live to see the next one. Ramadan, as I've said in previous posts, is a time for reflection. I'm finding that the immediate post-Ramadan period is similarly reflective.
After a month of trying to get closer to God (though not necessarily successfully), the aftermath of Ramadan feels a bit like resting after a marathon. That is, it's hard to maintain the same feeling now that Ramadan has finished. Is this natural? If not, where am I going wrong? If so, what does it say about the fickle human heart (or my own)?
Sometimes, too, Allah gets involved and sends you something to reflect on, whether you like it or not. So it was that Fridays khutbah really hit the spot. The sermon was about the illusory nature of life and was based around the ayah where Allah reminds us that 'every soul shall taste death'. The Imam sought to remind us that life is fleeting - hence we should not seek it for its own sake. Seeking this world at the expense of the next is thus foolish (given its fleeting, ephemeral nature) and leads to moral corruption (in that such an outlook leads to all sorts of sin). These were wise words. Indeed, I felt as if Allah were speaking to me directly.
O Allah, Mighty & Majestic, lead me away from my sins to your grace and mercy. O Allah, Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, protect me from the wickedness of my own self and the consequences of my own evil deeds.
wa akhiru da'wana an ilhamdu lillah rabbil 'alameen.
Ma'as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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