Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reviews, etc

Peace be upon you

One of my main objectives in setting up this blog spot is to offer my thoughts and reflections on my current reading material. I read a lot (al hamdu lillah) and would like an opportunity to reflect on what I read. I would also like to discuss interesting books with others (so please feel free to respond).

Although I like to read widely, it is fair to say that I concentrate on particular areas. As a Muslim, I naturally read books about Islam. Specifically, I am interested in the following areas:
  • The faith of Islam
  • Islamic History (a particular favourite)
  • Islamic Spirituality
  • Islamic Law (both theory and practice)
  • Islam-inspired sectarian movements (for want of a more appropriate term)
  • Islamic philosophy, thought and culture

More generally, I am also interested in history. I started off studying the Ancient World of Greece and primarily, Rome. Recently, I have been reading about the early medieval Middle East (and Europre). I also like to read science fiction, fantasy, and so on...

Thus, as time allows, I'll be posting my thoughts on books, etc drawn from these areas (and others).

Ma'as salama (with you be peace)

Abdur Rahman


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